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To report child abuse or neglect concerns, call the Nebraska Abuse/Neglect Hotline at
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Youth Services is now providing Post-Secondary Education Assistance to all Saunders County area youth. Please complete the referral form.


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Diversion is a program developed to keep the first time offender from re-entering the Court system.

Mission Statement:

Provide an alternative to formal court proceedings to assist youth in making positive changes and take responsibility for their actions through structured activities and community service.


The Youth Service System acts as an advocate for all youth in Saunders County. Referrals are received from a variety of sources including schools, law enforcement, families or the youth themselves. If a law violation has been committed, the Saunders County Attorney’s Office or the City Attorney will make the initial decision as to who may be given the option to participate in the diversion program, in lieu of proceeding with the court process.


  • Offer youth the opportunity to turn their frustrations into something constructive through various community services.
  • Provide relief to the court system through the diversion program for minor offenses or nonadjudicated cases.
  • Maintain a link with area schools through educational workshops/programs and establish a referral system for handling deviant behavior.
  • Provide law officials an alternative to detention and court referral.
  • Allow youth the opportunity to express their feelings and concerns.


Saunders County fully funds the Youth Service System. Additional programming is made possible by a Juvenile Justice Grant through the Nebraska Crime Commission

Other Information:

Nebraska 2-1-1
Nebraska 2-1-1 keeps an accurate and comprehensive database that you can use to find health and human services to meet your needs. Our database allows you to browse hundreds of health and human services online, learn about specific programs, intake requirements, eligibility, operation hours and more. The database also has information on disaster related services.

You can also call Nebraska 2-1-1 to speak with a trained call specialist who can help you identify services. Just dial 2-1-1 on your home or cell phone, no area code is needed or dial 402-444-6666.