Planning & Zoning

George Borreson

Zoning Administrator

Mitch Polacek

Zoning Manager

Board of Adjustment

Cortney Girmus
Ithaca, NE
Don Kavan
Morse Bluffs, NE
Kurt Ohnoutka
Valparaiso, NE
John Trutna
Wahoo, NE
Kevin Johnson
Yutan, NE

Planning Commission

Charles Proskovec
Malmo, NE
Norman Nelson
Fremont, NE
John P. McEvoy
Waterloo, NE
Greg Rezac
Valparaiso, NE
Eric Nelson
Mead, NE
John Starns
Ashland, NE
John Trutna
Wahoo, NE

*The Planning & Zoning office maintains the official zoning map and most current copy of the zoning regulations. Any amendments following the adoption on March 3, 2015 may not be reflected on the online versions of the map and regulations.